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RVing - A Frugal Way of Life

Have your costs gone up quicker than your income? Is your retirement in jeopardy? Have you been downsized or lost your job and thinking about what you'll do next?

The RVing lifestyle allows many folks - retired or not - to live a more frugal lifestyle . You can visit places you have only dreamed about seeing while RVing.


In this choice, before retiring or traveling full-time, you move into an RV in an RV park or mobile home park and reduce your housing costs. At some particular point traveling could be in the picture or you can become involved in the community where you reside. Mobile home parks and RVing parks that deal with long term residents have facilities and activities. They can change from basics like a laundry room, probably a pool, to full-blown activities, craft rooms and courts for tennis and other sports. This is also a choice if you are full time RVing and prepared to hang up the keys. Rather than moving into a place, you continue to live in your RV or a mobile or manufactured home. You can choose a location with your favourite amenities and activities, close to family or doctors.


RVing a few months or a year off to travel when between roles or when you need to reposition can maximise your dollars and time.


As RVing lifers, we recommend you begin with a second hand RV unless you are one-hundred percent sure of what you need and get a smoking deal. New RVs depreciate as much as 30 p.c when driven off the lot. A second user RV gives you the opportunity to test out the way of living and also permits you to see what you want and what you don't desire in an RV before investing a lot of money in the RVing lifestyle.

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